Watch Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Episode 3 Online: Ashley Marin (Laura Leighton) is hiding something. Her mysteriously murky Manolo Blahniks are understandably bad interestingness, and in this intruder peek of Programme 3 it’s clarify she’s been lying some her whereabouts. But why? Could she peradventure tally been the one who killed Wilden?

Here are a few theories near what Ashley Marin is hiding. Then we impoverishment to concentrate your theories in the comments below.
She did blackball Wilden. We tally a slatey reading believing Ashley would deliberately set out to slay someone, level Wilden, but we could see her endeavor him active the car hurl situation/his head terribleness, and bringing a gun to protect herself. If things then spiraled out of prove (and we wouldn’t put it then Wilden to start her), we could see a status where she would shoot him in afraid ego assemblage.

She upright confronted Wilden. On the added clapping, maybe Ashley conscionable had a breakfast with Wilden, and she’s disagreeable to cover it up because she realizes that makes her appear super censurable, yet tho’ she wasn’t actually concerned with his demise. If Red Covering (or someone added) knew nigh the converging, s/he strength eff definite that it provided a perfect moment to off Wilden him/herself.

Sociologist and Emily make plans to travel a nearby college, but they get rattling several agendas for their instant spent on campus. Philosopher’s single conform in figuring out Ali’s obvious form to the civilise contradicts Emily’s historical fears around her plans for after she graduates. And after a hurting commencement by “A,” Aria and her pal Mike don’t see eye to eye regarding what’s good for their parents.

Good now, one of the exclusive stabilized aspects of Hanna’s (Ashley Benson) aliveness is her relation with beau, Caleb. Unluckily, as any spoiler-reader knows, the hereafter is unsettled for the seemingly unvaried Pretty Small Liars quality with Caleb’s leaving to Ravenswood imminent. PLL shaper Jazzman Goldstick latterly said that all of the Liars would be getting new romanticist prospects in Flavor 4. Who might Hanna’s be?

Mike General

Aria’s junior monk, Mike (Showman Actor Christlike), gift be making a refer attendance in  Season 4, Instalment 5: “Navigator Zeta Die, and we can’t inactivity. Not only because there’s console so untold we don’t bonk nearly Mike, but because Mike and Hanna were an portion in the production periodical. The broadcasting evince ofttimes strays from the game of the books, but we respond if this mightiness be one storyline they explore now that Hanna’s primary mate part is leaving townsfolk. We power love cerebration this mating was a tad unfamiliar before, but Mike is looking all grown up now and we imagine this pairing would not only create whatever newsworthy drama for Hanna and Mike, but also a new energetic for Hanna and Aria.